Thursday, January 12, 2006

Partially Linguistic Theory Related

     Part of what makes me want to be an Army infantry officer is the desire to make sure everyone in my platoon is studying Arabic every single night.  The practical reasons are manifold.  It prevents Iraqis from plotting in front of you.  It allows you to get a much better sense of what people are saying as you move down the street.  It helps build community ties (I expect I'd have teens or younger start out giving the lessons.)  My soldiers would get extra pay once they are certified as being proficient in Arabic.

     The Australian Sydney Morning Herald has a story about a report by a British General, the title?  "US Army its own worst enemy: British officer".  Link thanks to Respect UK blog (unofficial, I think) which I found through Rolled Up Trousers

     It's relevant to my theory because of comments because of the "cultural insensitivity" (what vectors does culture have, besides language and costume?) that "arguably amounted to institutional racism."  It is simply much harder to be that racist when being taught the basics from a teenager.

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