Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Transposition Hypocrisy

     To wit, "I do what I do here for perfectly valid reason X, I do what I do there for perfectly valid reason ~X".  Traditionally, in boolean logic, ~X is read as "not X". 

     John Bolton is on the scene, saving the day, yet again.  Listen to his logic here, quoted at Bloomberg by reporter Bill Varner.

"The issue is exactly what the situation between the parties is," U.S. Ambassador John Bolton told reporters.  "That is something we have to try and understand more precisely, rather than simply changing the size of the composition of the force. When a UN peacekeeping force becomes part of the problem, we have to ask ourselves whether the UN is contributing to the solution or not."

     The situation is Cote D'Ivoire.  There are lots of weird twists to remember in this situation.  Like Lebanon and Syria, Cote D'Ivoire is a former French colony (Iraq, recall, was British).  Unlike the Middle Eastern situation, the US/UK axis has no interest in making sure things go OK.  I'm saying that the US/UK played into France's hands in Lebanon to generate "dominoes" from their Middle East adventurism.

     The current President, who is certainly a corrupt douchebag, is also a member of an Evangelical Christian Church (FourSquare). 

     Remembering that even our own Generals have admitted that the presence of US troops in Iraq is "fueling the insurgency." try to imagine the hypocrisy of Bolton whining about US troops in Iraq because they aren't helping.

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