Monday, January 16, 2006

Ney, Simplified

     It appears to me that Ney would take some money, and DeLay would do something, or DeLay would take some money, and Ney would act.  This was a technique to make any quid pro quo harder to track.

     Ney has announced he's stepping down as the Chairman of the committee to manage lobbyists (snarf), federal elections (stomach sinking) and day-to-day operations of the Congress.

     Ney, for example, was inserting material into the Congressional record which damned SunCruz Casinos.  Later, at reduced prices, DeLay, Abramoff and Kidan bought SunCruz.  Then Ney put favorable material in the Congressional Record about the new management.  Then it looks like Kidan wrote $30,000 of checks to the FUCKING MOB and had the old owner ASSASSINATED.  Just because it doesn't appear that DeLay or Abramoff were accomplices in the murder, does not mean either
a) they weren't accomplices after the fact (it is almost certain Abramoff was)
b) this part of the story shouldn't be covered.

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