Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Norway, Nebraska, Brunei

     People from all of those places read my blog on a regular basis, but this post has nothing to do with any of them.

     So, yesterday I attended the Airport Advisory Committee (I'm the Planning Board representative to it) and today I attended a local political group (basically partisan Democrat, but not always so). 

     Part of the political meeting was about strategies for November 2006 to unseat the fairly well known Charles Bass.  Bass voted for the war, for the tax cuts, for most of the major dumb Bush proposals, but he is pro-choice and generally a social liberal.  He's a Board member of "My Party, Too" the Christine Todd Whitman group within the Republican Party.  So, I'm like, the way things are going in the press, we shouldn't try to get out the Democrat voters who voted for Kerry in 2004, we should try to get _everyone_ minus Republicans out.  Even if some of them vote Republican, they are going to break against him.  It also means the Democrats are responsible for increasing turnout and we have the new packed party for subsequent elections. 

     Bass has been in the US Congress from New Hampshire for more than a decade.  He is fairly well known.  But how could he know 100,000 people?  There must be more than 400,000 eligible voters in this Congressional District.  Find them, register them, then get them out. 

     What's the trick?  I've never met either of the guys who want to run against him.  I'd much rather have a centrist but not particularly corrupt Republican compared to an incompetent or crooked Democrat. 

     One of the two guys, Paul Hodes, ran against Bass last time, and he got stomped.  He basically one 1/10th of the towns in the district, and only one over 60%. 

     Saturday Russ Feingold and the two possible Democrat candidates for Bass's seat will be in the next town over.  Yeah, I'm going.

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