Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Budget Stuff

     2006 Budget is old news, I guess.  It doesn't look like other budgets, to me.  Here it is, if you are intersested.  I was looking up the DoE budget, since Bush gave a speech on "energy" today, and I noticed he gave some serious attention to homeowners and their ability to effectively heat their homes.  As I've shown in the last couple of days, use of oil by residences in this country isn't higher than it was in the 1950s.

     I should mention that Citizens for Tax Justice, run by Robert McIntyre, is a top-notch resource.  Here's a one page PDF against the repeal of the AMT.  Here's another page about US (Federal, State and Local) Taxes vs other countries.

     Neither C-SPAN nor the White House website has the Bush speech yet.  I'd love to spend some time doing an analysis of how much time he spends on each topic, compared to how much funding he's giving that project in the budget.

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