Monday, June 13, 2005

Lighter Side

     Found a horribly maintained page on Idiot Legal Arguments, includes

Sued former Pres. Carter, current Pres. Clinton and never-president Perot and others alleging that Carter is Clinton's biological father and that Clinton and Perot together are responsible for the deaths of over ten million black women in secret concentration camps, for which the plaintiff wanted only 5.6 Billion dollars in compensatory and punitive damages and an accounting of every black woman born in the US since 1940, as well as an end to NASA's cyborg conspiracy
T.S. Tyler v. Carter et al (SDNY 1993) 151 FRD 537;
Suing the UN because it did not itself assist him but advised him to contact a well-respected charitable agency thereby violating "my right to choose the philanthropy agency I prefer".
Klyumel v. United Nations (SDNY unpub 12/4/92) aff’d (SDNY unpub 2/17/93); claiming that their unfavorable decision in their previous suit was the result of UN scheme to set up a "New World Order"
That there is a mysterious Original Thirteenth Amendment which revokes the citizenship of anyone using a title of nobility and that this refers to lawyers, and thereby the judges, prosecutors, and even the Congressmen who enacted the law are not citizens and couldn't do anything to the nitwit. 
D.A. Anderson v. US (ND IL unpub 4/27/98)
Tried to insist that traffic policemen must be "elected officials" to give out tickets or else his right to a "republican form of govt" was violated.
Endsley v. State (1987) 184 Ga.App 797, 363 SE2d 1;
Suing the local Unitarian Church and its pastor as well as NASA, alleging an enormous conspiracy whereby the Unitarian congregants are praying for the arrival of flying saucers which will abduct and torture earthlings
Khan v. Unitarian Church of Kensington (ND Cal unpub 10/26/94);

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