Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Greatest Debate of the Bush Presidency

     The question is, "Is Bush simply a cock-sure nincompoop, blindly and pettily striking out where whim or insanity leads him, or is he a scared nincompoop, blindly striking out where mendacious Secretaries lead him?"

     On the one side, there is the fact that Bush has a very personal relationship with God.  He allegedly told PM Abbas of Palestine that God told him to invade Iraq.  There is the smirking.  There is Saddam as someone who tried to kill his father.  There is my personal theory that he say 9/11 not as a failure, not a Plieku, but in fact a sign from heaven. 

     On the other hand, there is PNAC and the Neo-Cons and the Oil people for Iraq.  There is the Club for Growth Anti-Social Security plan.  There are the corporate plans for freeing, and liberating money.  There is the corporate drafted Presiscription Drug Plans. 

     Is there a third choice?  Is Bush the unthinking tool of the people who voted for him?  Can we lay the blame on the electorate?  One word: abortion.  No moves to outlaw it at all.

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