Friday, June 24, 2005

What is Songun-Blog?

     First, what is Songun?  Songun is the banner of the People's Republic of North Korea.  Songun-Blog is a very witty attempt to make leftists look stupid.  Far less funny is Arms Control Wonk, but he has a far better run-down of US-DPRK relations than the hyper-ventilating Songun Blog.  Let this comment speak for the blog's whole ouevre.

This blog is totaly stick it to the Buschenerovesfeldian neocon colonialist junta in a way that few other blogs are capable of doing so. I aplaud your efforts to bring real down to earth news from the worker's paradise that is northern Korea!

     Comment by Dean04Prez.  The mispelings are part of it, of course.  In the exact same spirit, but not as funny to me, is Stop the Neocon Death Machine, also an attempt to make the left look silly through bad spelling and slippery slope arguments.

     I highly recommend you join with Songun Blog and find a way to support His Excellency, President and Commander-in-Chief George Walker Bush in his an attempt to "spread freedom" throughout the world.

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