Saturday, June 18, 2005

Passing Thoughts

     How does a realist handle terrorists?  To the realist, terrorist groups like al-Qaeda don't exist.  The realist, a term from political science, believes the State is the fundamental actor on the political stage, and no other actors count.  This is in contrast with pluralists, who can at least look at NGOs like Amnesty International and al-Qaeda (NNGO? Nefarious Non Governmental Organization?) and globalists.

     I've mentioned before it is a travesty that the Bush administration chose two non-Arabic, non-Kurdish speakers to rule Iraq for them (J Garner and JP Bremer).  In a similar vein, the right establishment (WSJ/Fox) loudly trumpets the work of Art Chrenkoff, who compiles allegedly "good news" about Iraq in a weekly blog post.  Art doesn't speak Arabic, either.

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