Saturday, June 04, 2005

E-ssembly Progress Update

     Got some decent suggestions today for individual point pages.  I admit the viewer is entirely primitive for everything but debate at this time.  My goal was based on the idea to get it to work correctly, creating pages in the order a person would need them (the main guts are already done).  I've been working on the "Floor" pages lately, which, when tied in with the scheduling subsystem, and the motion subsystem, will allow things to progress reasonably.  I've got the agenda subsystem (did I already mention this?) set up so the default way works at least one way.  A couple more steps on the Floor system, combined with a (yuck) schedule system (the schedule create page is going to be a pain) and I think it will be, to some degree "completely" functional.  That would still only be a small portion of the total functionality.

     That would be here, in case you needed to know.

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