Sunday, June 12, 2005

From Daily War News

     In the Sunday Times (of London) there's a new memo!  Choice tidbits include

The briefing paper, for participants at a meeting of Blair's inner circle on July 23, 2002, said that since regime change was illegal it was "necessary to create the conditions" which would make it legal.
and, this part is important...
The document said the only way the allies could justify military action was to place Saddam Hussein in a position where he ignored or rejected a United Nations ultimatum ordering him to co-operate with the weapons inspectors. ...

"It is just possible that an ultimatum could be cast in terms which Saddam would reject," the document says. But if he accepted it and did not attack the allies, they would be "most unlikely" to obtain the legal justification they needed.

     What a provocative plan!  They hoped to provoke Saddam to strike at militarily.  Who would have died in that strike?  Sure as fuck wouldn't have been Bush or Blair, so who gives a shit, eh?

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