Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stephen Hadley Gives the Daily Brief

     "We have had resolutions on Darfur." 

  1. Congo is worse than Darfur, why does no one give a shit?  What's so special about Sudan?  Oil?  That Arabs rule over Christians?  Both?
  2. The US brought resolutions before the Security Council, on two separate occasions(although they pulled back the second time when they realized they didn't have the votes (2nd draft resolution on Iraq)) in an attempt to bring the forces able to mustered by the UN Security Council to bear on Iraq.  No such resolution has been brought by the US re:Sudan.
  3. I'm not up on UN rules.  I don't (generally) approve of US action into the internal security matters of foreign countries, as I wouldn't approve of foreign countries meddling inside the United States of America.  The smartest ways around this self-imposed restriction seem obvious to me, and need not even be as overt as funding political groups.

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