Friday, June 17, 2005

Latest Attempt to Smear Iran

     Please do not be fooled.  M El-Baradei, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA), a group inside the United Nations (with the coolest of all UN flags), is not a friend.

     A recent UN report on Iran, loudly trumpeted in the establishment press, says Iran lied about their plutonium efforts, which had earlier thought to have ended in 1993.  Why the charade?  One of Iran's presidential candidates has promised not to go forward with any nuclear weapons program, and is hoping to garner support from the west by making a big to-do over this in the week before today(yesterday)'s election. 

     Points to remember.  Iran admitted these experiments took place, they were not discovered by the UN team.  The sum total of the post-1993 activity involves one experiment on one bottle in 1995, and another experiment on another bottle in 1998.  Iran claims (via Reuters)

"Had all communications and clarifications of (Iran) been thoroughly reviewed or presented, one could have easily noticed the route of incorrect conclusion or misunderstanding regarding the date of the termination of plutonium production," it said.

The Iranian statement said the work was not the same type of work as that which Tehran said had ended in 1993.

"There is a clear distinction between the date of termination of the research project on plutonium and the dates of the other activities such as the ones related to purification ..., which is not considered as part of the main research project and any laboratory might do at a later time," Iran said.

     Which just goes to prove that they need a better translator and/or spokesperson, but not that they have nuclear bombs, or a nuclear bomb program.

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