Friday, June 24, 2005

Dear Corporate Media,

     Before the War in Iraq, leftist and Democrat voices against the War were basically ignored.  The number of pro-war guests on the major television stations out numbered the anti-war guests 100 to 1.  This, despite the fact that a majority of House Democrats, and over 40% of Senate Democrats voted against HJR 114.

     In fact, the biggest publicity was given to those anti-war voices from the right.  One might be forgiven for thing that most of the argument against the war came from retired Republicans; Brent Scowcroft, Norman Schwartzkopf, and Dick Armey got more press for their anti-war comments than all House and Senate Democrats combined.

     I'd like to shove your collective noses in a pool of sewage, mixed with blood, in downtown Baghdad, then leave you to your own devices as far as getting home.  However, I can point out that your collective "patriotism" was, in fact, misplaced.  You were wrong to trust the Bush administration, you were wrong not to dig deeper. Many Democrats, ignored then, and ignored now, were right.

     Please consider giving some of these Democrats, proved right by: the passage of time, the lack of WMD, released memos, the Herskowitz comments, some valuable airtime.

     Profit is not the only stake in this matter.

     Free Idea : Have a debate between conflicting anti-war voices.
Free Idea 2: Go within your own massive organizations and find people who were against the war before it started.  They will likely know more of the anti-war voices, and their relative strengths and weaknesses, than yourselves.

Josh Narins

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