Monday, June 13, 2005

From DoE Energy Information Agency Data

     Remember, the Republicans are trying to kill Amtrak.  A Republican Defense Secretary and former head of General Motors, gave us the Interstate Highway System.  The original data is here under Petroleum Consumption.  I made it myself with a perl script. Took an hour or two, I suppose, was doing some other stuff at the time.  Transportation is now 67.89% of the total of US oil consumption, and rising.  Funny how no one points that out.  It was 55.26% in 1949.  The highest point of the Transportation line represents 13,244,000 barrels of oil a day.

     Now, I'm not particularly anti-Carter.  I sympathize with him because he was, in my humble estimation, the first Democrat victim of the Murdoch machine.  When I was quite young I remember the nightly news reporting, every single day for more than a year, the number of days the hostages had been in Iran.  Did Carter put them there?  No, but he let the Shah into America for medical reasons.  I've read the Marines protecting the embassy didn't react.  Did Carter suck Iranian hoohah in order to get them back?  No.  No kowtowing by Carter.  Did Reagan get down on his knees and pray to the Mullahs for oil and hostages?  Yuppers. Later he sold these same nutcakes SAM missiles while he was selling Iraq weapons (in the great spirit of peice-of-shit-evilness which was Reagan'ism) in order to circumvent the Boland Amendment, US law at the time. 

     But when Carter asked American households (the pink line below) to put on sweaters, or when Greens tell us to buy energy efficient lightbulbs, I think they are missing the boat.

     In a word, the boat is trains.

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