Tuesday, July 12, 2005

American Prospect is Often Good

     Please ignore Matt Yglesias, but they have Robert McIntyre, who is simply outstanding on tax matters, as the linked article shows, and Cass Sunstein, perhaps the premiere lefty article writing lawyer in the country.  In fact, on tax matters I generally defer to Mr McIntyre, who also runs the invaluable Citizens for Tax Justice, and Mr. Sunstein once replied to an e-mail of mine :).

     Welcome to my echo chamber (from the McIntyre peice)...

First and foremost, we need to stress that Bush’s panel is flat-out lying when it pretends that its recommendations are "revenue neutral." In truth, the panel is promoting a $7 trillion tax-cut plan designed to bankrupt our country in perpetuity.

Second, we need to condemn Bush’s panel for proposing to further shift taxes away from the rich and onto everyone else. We’ll have plenty of allies, because the public is decidedly against paying higher taxes for fewer public services.

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