Tuesday, July 19, 2005


     How bad were the guys _before_ the Taleban, that made the Afghans appreciate the young Islamists?  So bad, that the UK has just jailed one of the 1992-1996 warlords, Zardad by name, for "heinous" offences like conspiracy to commit torture and take hostages.    Zardad supposedly kept a guy chained up, and would release him to attack, bite and eat people.  This is being hailed as a victory for human rights, as I hear "the human dog" didn't get minimum wage, and had neither medical nor dental insurance.  What kind of monster must Zardad have been to ask someone to chew people alive for a living, and _not_ provide world-class dental coverage.  Zardad will likely do twenty years in prison.  H Karzai had the human dog put to death a couple years ago.

     As a side note, Zardad was found running a pizza parlour in South London... and you wondered why that slice tasted funny.

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