Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Waron Hate

     If you listen to White House spokesperson Scott McLellan today, you'd come to understand, as I have, that our enemies aren't motivate by any sense of national pride, Arab unity, Muslim comraderie, or any previous injustice.  They are, in fact, motivated by an ideology of hate.

     What I suggest is we start another Waron, this one called the Waron Hate.  How can we possibly defeat hate unless we start a Waron it?

     So, let it out, boys and girls.  Point fingers and name names.  Who are these evil-doing hate-mongers?  I'm sure Sean Hannity never encourages anyone to hate anything.  He always teaches us to respect the views of others.  Not Rush Limbaugh, who carefully analyzes his subject matter from all sides.

     Well, the only one who is safe, for sure, is Barney the Purple Dinosaur.  God hates figs, fags and shrimp, so he's not going to make the cut.

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