Friday, July 01, 2005


     I know a lot of you were saying to yourselves "The internet is empty, I'm done reading the whole thing."  Well, I found some stuff you may not have seen yet.

  • Some on the right (no links) are all atwitter re: this Times of London interview with His Infallability, GW Bush.  Included is this quote, reminding me mostly of SH al-Tikriti and other lunatics of war-mongering history "And he remains messianic about his ambition of promoting democracy around the world — not only in the Middle East, but in Africa and Europe."
  • Via Cursor, I learn of this Princeton University Press work , Choosing Your Battles about the splits between people with, and without, military experience and the decision to use force.  Not amusingly, the page I linked to has a link to the first chapter of the book, but the link is (intentionally?) wrong.  The correct link to the first chapter of the anti-chickenhawk work is here.
  • Ever wonder where the media markets are?  Project Lydia is producing heatmaps (good sample page) for news.  The heatmap shows where the news is getting.  Also available is a complete word-to-word correlation engine called TextMap.

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