Friday, July 29, 2005

G-sus-SAVE-s, and the Nazis Surrendering

     GWOT, or the Global War On Terror, a name which often reminded me of something to do with a monster truck rally (hear the words echo... Global...bal..bal...bal  On..  Terror...or...or...or) or perhaps the band Gwar.

     The new name is the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism (G-SAVE).  Why the dash in the name?  A friend of mine, after hearing the new name, instantly countered "Jesus Saves."  Skipping part about Masons using "G" for God.

     On to the Nazis.  One of the best things we might have done during WWII was let it be known that we treated captured German Soldiers well.  Of course the Nazis were going to be more likely to fight to the bitter end if they thought they'd be tortured.  So we didn't torture them, and many, many surrendered.  It's impossible, most likely, to make anything like an estimate to the number of Americans lives saved by treating captures humanely.  The only number I can easily find for the number of total German captures (greater than the number of surrenders, but anyway) was credited to Stephen Ambrose.  He puts it at around 5,000,000.

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