Monday, July 04, 2005

Boring, Boring Politics, Absent Breaking Kneecaps

     I like C-SPAN.  Last night the 25+ year President and CEO of C-SPAN, B Lamb, was interviewing two contest-winning teachers, both teachers of government.  One taught it as an elective, and her students were very interested.  The other taught it as a required course, and she said they were about as distinterested as could be imagined.  Lamb asked "Why?" and the teacher responded "Because they've watched C-SPAN and they think government is boring."  I thought it was hilarious.

     Doesn't this guy sound like he knows what he is talking about?  It's all about int'l trade.

By offering candy, the Administration has picked up:
Sen. Chambliss, after agreeing to buy up excess sugar imports beyond a certain point and make the surplus available for ethanol production.

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