Sunday, July 10, 2005

Fraud Jack Cashill

     Dipshit Jack Cashill says that nobody covered Alex Haley having to settle out of court for half his profits.  This dipshit says that the only paper that covered it at the time was a local Besthesda paper.  I guess this dipshit didn't ever hear Time Magazine.

     Then the dipshit says a journalist named Matthews was so powerful that the CIA simply went to sleep (re: Cuba).

     Then he goes off on Durante, who reported favorably on the Soviet Union... during the 1928-1932 period.  It is simply a fact that during the Great Depression that put 25% of Americans were out of work, the Soviets were booming. 

     He blames it all on a lack of faith in Jesus.  Sorry, I had no idea how stupid he was.  I wouldn't have brought it up if I'd known.

     How much of a dipshit is he?  He claims that Mumia is like a rock star, and his fame is what got him off death row, but that nobody knew who he was.  Aren't those entirely statements contradictory?

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