Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Preliminary Research Tools for Judge JG Roberts, USSC Nominee

     Here is every decision (2005 to start) in which Judge JG Roberts of the 4th Circuit Court, the DC Circuit, heard.  Chances are that the gray-ish opinions are less interesting than the non-gray opinions.  Non-gray implies that there was some dissent, a minority report, so to speak.

WUDWrote Unanimous Decision
WOWrote Opinion
WCWrote Concurring Opinion
WDWrote Dissent
JUDJoined in Unanimous Decision
JOJoined in Opinion
JDJoined in Dissent
CDWrote Concurring in Part, Dissenting in Part
PRDPetition For Review Denied
PCPer Curiam
2005 - 07
JO 04-5393 Salim Ahmed Hamdan vs. Donald H. Rumsfeld, United States Secretary of Defense, et al. (Argued 4/7/05 ARR, JGR, SFW)
JUD 04-5061 Melvin Porter vs. Andrew S. Natsios, Administrator, United States Agency for International Development (Argued 5/6/05 DHG, JWR, JGR)
JUD 04-7089 Timothy R. Booker vs. Robert Half International, Inc. (Argued 3/10/05 ARR, JGR, SFW)
WO 04-1058 Mike Brady, et al. vs. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Argued 3/4/05 ARR, JGR, SFW)
JUD 04-5048 National Association of Home Builders, et al. vs. Gale A. Norton, Secretary of the United States Department of Interior, et al. (Argued 12/3/04 KLH, DST, JGR)
2005 - 06
JUD 03-1308 City of Naples Airport Authority vs. Federal Aviation Administration (Argued 3/4/05 ARR, JGR, SFW)
JUD 03-5370 Milton Joseph Taylor vs. United States Probation Office, et al. (Argued 4/4/05 HTE, JWR, JGR)
JUD 04-3135 United States of America vs. Talib D. Watson (Argued 5/5/05 DBS, ARR, JGR)
WUD 04-3067 United States of America vs. Willie Lawson (Argued 4/12/05 ARR, MBG, JGR)
JUD 04-5006 & 04-4007 Amoco Production Company vs Rebecca W Watson, Asst Secretary for Land and Mineral Management, et al. (Argued 2/14/05 HTE, DBS, JGR)
JUD 03-7191 TMR Energy Limited vs. State Property Fund of Ukraine (Argued 11/15/04 DHG, DST, JGR)
JUD 04-1280 Town of Springfield, New Jersey, et al. vs. Surface Transportation Board, et al. (Argued 5/19/05 ARR, MBG, JGR)
WUD 04-7059 Phyllis J. Outlaw vs Airtech Air Condition and Heating, Inc., et al. (Argued 4/5/05 HTE, JWR, JGR)
JUD 04-1172 & 04-1198 ITT Industries, Inc. vs. National Labor Relations Board (Argued 4/12/05 ARR, MBG, JGR)
2005 - 05
JO 05-5131 CSX Transportation, Inc. vs. Anthony A. Williams, In his official capacity as Mayor of the District of Columbia, et al. (Argued 4/27/05 KLH, ARR, JGR)
JUD 04-5197 John F. Kreis vs. Secretary of the Air Force, In his official capacity (Argued 4/5/05 HTE, JWR, JGR)
PRD 04-1127 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. vs. Secretary of Labor (Argued 12/6/04 DHG, JWR, JGR)
JUD 03-1147 SBC Communications Inc. vs. Federal Communications Commission, et al. (Argued 2/17/05 DBS, JGR, SFW)
PC 04-1182 Xcel Energy Services Inc. vs. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Submitted DHG, JWR, JGR)
JUD 04-7060 Marian R. Wagener, On behalf of herself and on behalf of all others similarly situated, et al. vs. SBC Pension Benefit Plan - Non Bargained Program (Argued 2/11/05 HTE, DBS, JGR)
JUD 04-5240 Luck's Music Library, Inc., et al. vs. Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States, et al. (Argued 3/10/05 ARR, JGR, SFW)
CD 04-5057 American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations vs. Elaine Chao, US Secretary of Labor (Argued 12/08/04 HTE, JWR, JGR) (Concurring in part and dissenting in part)
2005 - 04
WUD 04-5138 & 04-5142 Universal City Studios LLLP, et al. vs. Marybeth Peters, in her official capacity as Register of Copyrights, et al. (Argued 2/17/05 DBS, JGR, SFW)
JUD 04-1049 Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation Garland vs. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, et al. (Argued 2/15/05 DST, MBG, JGR)
WC 04-1157 National Treasury Employees Union vs. Sentelle Federal Labor Relations Authority (Argued 2/11/05 HTE, DBS, JGR)
2005 - 03
JUD 03-7129 Kathleen Robertson vs. American Airlines, Inc. (Argued 11/16/04 DHG, MBG, JGR)
PC 03-3087 United States of America vs. Arnett C. Smith (On Petition for Rehearing) (JWR, MBG, JGR)
2005 - 02
WUD 02-3082 United States of America vs. Ronald James Toms, a/k/a Block (Argued 11/15/04 DHG, DST, JGR)
JUD 03-3103 United States of America vs. Robert D. Garner (Argued 10/14/04 DHG, KLH, JGR)
WUD 03-1092 & 03-1097 Public Service Commission of the Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Argued 1/7/05 ARR, DST, JGR)
JUD 03-1355 Augustin B. Jombo, vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service (Argued 12/3/04 KLH, DST, JGR)
2005 - 01
JUD 03-5303 Martha Hutchinson vs. Central Intelligence Agency, et al. (Argued 11/15/04 DHG, DST, JGR)
WUD 03-5313 Michael J. Koszola vs. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Argued 11/16/04 DHG, MBG, JGR)
JUD 03-1455 Carus Chemical Company vs. Environmental Protection Agency (Argued 10/14/04 DHG, KLH, JGR)
JUD 03-3119 United States of America vs. Ricky Moore (Argued 10/15/04 DHG, KLH, JGR)
WUD 03-1431 AT&T Corporation vs. Federal Communications Commission, et al. (Argued 11/12/04 DHG, DST, JGR)
JUD 03-5182 Oscar L. Thomas vs. Anthony J. Principi, Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs, et al. (Argued 11/12/04 DHG, DST, JGR)
JUD 04-1020 DTE Energy Company, et al. vs. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Argued 12/6/04 DHG, JWR, JGR)
WUD 04-1021 American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees Capital Area Council 26 vs. Federal Labor Relations Authority (Argued 11/19/04 ARR, JWR, JGR)
WO 04-5026 Frank Taucher, et al. vs. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, et al. (Argued 10/8/04 HTE, KLH, JGR)

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