Sunday, July 10, 2005

The National Resources Defense Council, Energy By Sector

     Does anyone remember this post of mine, about the uses of petroleum by sector?  Well, check this article out, from the National Resources Defense Council, entitled "Blueprint for Disaster?".  The article is about overall energy usage by sector, and the interviewed architect, Ed Mazria, says buildings are the real culprit in the overall (rather than oil) picture.  By the way, the 4-way split found by Mazria is Industry 35%, Transportation 27%, Residential 21% and Commercial 17%.

     So, I made my own graph of the data

     One note, the "Energy" line refers to the energy consumed in electricity production (after 1989 it includes independent power producers.)  Energy is separate from the total.  In other words, total energy consumption is represented by the four non-energy lines, and the red line represents the amount turned into electricity first.

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