Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Republicans who missed the Rule vote were very right of center

     The real vote last night wasn't on the Hunter/Hastert propaganda peice, it was on the Rule to prevent amendment and set the limits of debate.

     In all, only six Republicans against the original war resolution, HJR 114

  • Duncan
  • Hostettler
  • Houghton
  • Leach
  • Morella
  • Paul

     and only three members missed the vote, Roukema (R-centrist conservative), Stump (R-very very conservative), and Ortiz (D-?).

     6 Republicans against last night's rule, too, HR 536.

  • Bartlett (MD)
  • Gilchrest
  • Hostettler
  • Jones (NC)
  • Leach
  • Simpson

     but 18 missed the vote, including Paul , Shadegg , and Flake of the far, far right camp; serious conservatives Gallegly, Beuaprez, Hall, Jindal, Miller of California, Moran of Kansas, Peterson of Pennsylvania; and moderate conservatives Cunningham, Fossella, LaHood.  No Centrist Republicans missed the vote.  Five Democrats also missed the vote.

     This vote was on under 24 hours notice, and I don't know which ones were out of town.  Might be amusing to find out...

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