Sunday, August 24, 2003


     For more than 100 years the Cubans have been taking advantage of Americans, and our strength, to help them achieve goals in their own homeland. The most honorable President we may ever have had was Stephen Grover Cleveland. He was elected because the Republicans were so corrupt, and the Democrats so unelectable, that a compromise was made with a New England Democrat with unimpeachable character (the story of him fathering a child out of wedlock were shown untrue then, but checking up on it with DNA might be a smart idea, the story still seems implausible).

     Cleveland wrote his own speeches, as all Presidents did until Hoover or Taft.  For his last State of the Union(1896) he wrote this, "American Interests in the Cuban Revolution."

     The document is fascinating, showing that Bill Clinton may be smart, but he was not alone. Note the complex views of Cuba, how neither side is either completely correct or wrong. Bush's mind can't comprehend such things, or, worse, he assumes we can't.

     The relevant section to the title of this post occurs right after a paragraph detailing US-Cuban trade relations over the last few years...

Besides this large pecuniary stake in the fortunes of Cuba, the United States finds itself inextricably involved in the present contest in other ways, both vexatious and costly. Many Cubans reside in this country and indirectly promote the insurrection through the press, by public meetings, by the purchase and shipment of arms, by the raising of funds, and by other means, which the spirit of our institutions and the tenor of our laws do not permit to be made the subject of criminal prosecutions. Some of them, though Cubans at heart and in all their feelings and interests, have taken out papers as naturalized citizens of the United States, a proceeding resorted to with a view to possible protection by this government and not unnaturally regarded with much indignation by the country of their origin.

     I was amazed to read this. Over 100 years later, Cubans are doing the same thing. The President after Cleveland's second term was McKinley, who started a war with Spain over Cuba, based on a lie, pushed by the media (the sinking of the Maine). If any of you know who Les from WorldNetDaily is, imagine him shoving his way to the royal Spanish officials and asking the kinds of questions he does now, that was part of what was so exciting about "yellow journalism."

     Cubans have been doing it for more than 100 years, Isrealis for decades less, but something tells me that the Cubans should switch, and try to get the Israelis to invade Cuba and topple Castro. The 45 square miles of Guatanamo can, if well managed, support the population of Israel ;)