Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Tom DeLay, You Must Know
If you are interested in American Politics today, and, friend or foe, many are, you must learn who Tom DeLay is. Well, 10 out of 10 Moms won't let me say anything at all about United States House Representative (R-Sugarland, TX) and House Leader Tom DeLay, so let me just say that if you are against the current GOP bills, you are against Tom. Well, Dennis Kucinich, Democrat candidate for President, Representative, has a bill submitted to Congress to ban mind control weapons in outer .space. Actually the bill was introduced to ban all weapons from outer space, but pointedly includes mention of non-typical weapons. The Bill was H.R. 2977 in the 107th Congress. If you enter "hr2977" in the first field here you can see the original bill. In a very unusual, and seemingly unconstitutional move, the DoD has given the bill a negative comment. As far as I am concerned, if the DoD doesn't want a bill passed in Congress, it better have a very complete explanation that never changes. Representative DeLay ridiculed the whole idea. Both Kucinich and DeLay are incorrect. If mind control weapons exist, why are we JUST banning them from space, why not ban all of them? And if they don't exist, well, then, the paternal position is to explain that they couldn't exist. Or, if they could, that they don't have the 150 mile range required for space based weaponry. Ah well.

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