Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Upcoming Talks on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK)
We are sending Asst. Sec of State James Kelly (note: these are the biggest international talks arranged outside the UN, or regularly meeting group (e.g. G8 Nations) that the Bush adminstration has taken part in, and they are not sending Bush, or Powell, or Armitage, but Kelly) Kelly was called "arrogant and high-handed" last time he was in the DPRK Kelly is accused of sucking up money from secret slush funds in Taiwan. Smirking Chimp covered this a while ago. Japan plans to bring up the issue regarding abductions. I think this is guaranteed to prevent any progress. It is likely that David Horowitz believes that progress could be made, if it were not for liberals like me. He argues that we didn't beat the North Vietnamese, after TWENTY SEVEN years of attempts to do so, because the North Vietnamese were counting on activists to stop our soldiers from winning. The first I say he is a drooling lunatic. Sending corrupt officials to important talks, sending low-ranking officials to monumental talks, is what causes failure. How about Nixon, in a way that to my mind makes him a traitor to the United States, for dealing with VietNam behind the scenes before he had the authority to do so. Or how about the plain and simple fact that we should not have won? To win in Vietnam would have been the most anti-Republican effort in US History.

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