Sunday, August 31, 2003

Iraq, ignored and suffering
There are 300,000 people in Iraq protesting, but no matter where I turn on my cable "dial," I see nothing of it. By the way, I get NY1(New York City), NWI(Canada), Bloomberg, CNN, CNN Headline News, CNNfn, CCTV9(China), CNBC, CNBCWorld, MSNBC, and FUX. I also get CSPAN1, 2 and 3. Although, the UN Special Rappateur is on CNBC World right now, and it is a conversation WITHOUT US minders (no US propagandist, oh, maybe there is, but if he is, he isn't getting much air time) The local Iraqi cop is saying all 19 arrested are linked to Al-Qaeda. That's a crock, and they know it. The bombings are hitting anti-Sunni, anti-Saddam targets. Jordanian Embassy, why, the Jordanians were the most pro-US regime, but, considering the ancient and recent connections between Iraq and Jordan (the same Hashemite Kingdom, at some points) shows they are a natural Ba'athist enemy, not an Al-Qaeda target, The next target, the UN, has never been a Al-Qaeda target, has it? And a Bishop who had been praying in Iran for the last 20 years for Saddam's death? Those are the big three of the Ba'athist targets. But, the American media isn't showing it this morning. They don't care if you know what is going on, they want to make money.

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