Sunday, August 10, 2003

Variation on a Loathesome Trick, by FOX
I think if the right keeps along this path there can be no choice but that they will turn into a metaphorical class of ghouls. While rending flesh from each other, in an attempt to survive, they will, ironically, appear more ghoulish. The First Trick: Remember the hydrogen tractor-trailers? For months, the media, and President George Walker Bush (from Poland), mentioned these as "mobile biological weapons factories" and President Bush actually had the gall to suggest that the discovery of these trailers proved his pre-war assertions were correct. That's background, here's the trick... When FOX would talk about the trailers, they showed pictures of freshly painted and (feasibly) state of the art equipment. They did not show the run down, sandy-colored, paint-chipped, 1950s boiler-room looking devices that were actually found. The second trick of these mendicants, loaded with the deadly intent to undermine Our Republic by misinforming it: The other day FOX ran a story on the destruction, by the United States, of United States nerve gas bombs, i.e. the US was destroying its own arsenal. Actual clips were shown, the following... 1. Industrial shots of the destruction of our nerve gas bombs, which have been outlawed by the Geneva Convention since the end of WWI. 2. More of #1 3. the hand of someone of African descent reaching near the bomb. They only mention whose weapons they were at the beginning. In other words, unless you caught the whole segment, if you happened to miss the sentence at the very beginning, containing the word America, you would INERRINGLY be brought to believe it was Al-Iraqi weapons. Who selected that footage of the hand? Was it shot especially for this clip? I happen to know, from some time I spent at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, an Army Base focussed on weapons work, that we have been destroying WMD for decades. During this time, FOX has been around for almost a decade. Am I supposed to believe that today they decided to run stories on the destruction of the US stockpile of WMD for fun, or should we all realize that the segment was produced to increase the false sense among the public that WMD were found? I know the answer, I hope you do, too. We all shall learn that there were no weapons in Al-Iraq, and there have not really been any since 1991. The existence of weapons programs was as follows. The scientists, to the best extent possible, were kept in jobs that would keep them doing things that would keep them ready to go back to weapons work. They saved what computer disks, computers, notes, and a room full of the most difficult machinery to make. Can you imagine 12 year old computers and disks being useful?

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