Friday, August 29, 2003

A movie that should make you think
Most people think more Israelis get killed in Israel/Palestine, but that's not true. 75% of the dead are Palestinians. If Americans Knew is a website that discusses this. I am watching a 1960 movie called "Exodus" which deserves merit for dealing with Israeli terrorist acts against the United Kingdom. Israeli terrorists focussed on driving the British out of British Mandate Palestine (Modern Israel, Jordan and Palestine). The movie does a more than reasonable job of showing how the political wing (Hagganah) could not control the terrorist wing (Irgun). A conversation between leaders of the two factions is very suprising. Many Israeli leaders came out of Irgun. Daniel Ayalon, Israeli Ambassador the US, spoke Thursday (Aug 29th or so). i am entirely non-plussed, and hope for Mr Ayalon to be fired, post-haste.

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