Sunday, August 10, 2003

On C-SPAN caught NSA Rice's Thursday, Aug 7, 2003, explaining her evil anti-Americanism, which reeks of Straussianism
"We can't allow failed states to persist, because terrorism festers." paraphrase of Rice from that event. You brutal fucking bastards. Those scum in the Bush administration can't seem to remember the President's father, who started the chaos in Afghanistan (which otherwise would likely just be another too-authoritarian, Southwest Asian former-Soviet State. Don't they see they also get to blame President William Jefferson Clinton? While he was President, Kabul's seige went unanswered. More than a thousand year's of lives brought to ruin in an Anarchic power grab. Hektmayr, I think it was. And he's up to no good, again. In 1996, the Taleban saved Afghanistan from Hektmayr. The real reason is that when you try to overthrow states for any cause but justice, which, practically speaking refers to Aristocratic-Republican justice. In order...
  • Aristocratic Republics
  • Democratic Republics (Athens, the 50s Israeli Kibbutz)
  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Absolute Monarchy
  • Corrupt Republic
  • Corrupt Monarchy
  • Tyranny
  • Anarchy
I still think Bush should not run for President again, unless WMD are found.

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