Monday, August 25, 2003

What happened in 1975?
Senator Frank Church of Idaho led a commission to investiage CoIntelPro, and numerous, disgusting, Stalinesque abuses of authority. You really think the Intelligence Community backed down when a couple of Democrats, VP Mondale and Senator Church, told them to stop harassing innocent Americans? President George Washington had, as a % of his budget, the largest intelligence effort of any President in history (his budget was tiny, they didn't believe in massive standing armies back then, because they had all read Federalist #41). NOTE: This was not used on Americans, but on FOREIGN POWERS (none of whom were Republics (democratic) back then). Washington was not having people assassinated. Washington wasn't drugging people. He was not asking the post office to record the From and To address on each envelope, in case on of the parties turned out to be a criminal, the other party could be investigated. We all know that if two people become friends and one of them turns out to be a criminal, then the other deserves to be investigated. No? I am not sure at all that a country that spends billions investigating its own people, that uses god knows what techniques, since you can't legally find out, and that starts the wrong wars, deserves to be considered "good."

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