Monday, February 07, 2005

Another View of Bush

     He didn't order that the Americans should plant fake WMD in Iraq, for that we should thank him.  Perhaps its still in the works, but I doubt it.

     Looks like the pro-Sharia crowd is going to handily win the Iraqi elections.  Now, on the one hand, American conservatives are going to cry that we empowered another Iran.  However, if handled deftly, America has an opportunity to prove it has nothing personal against Islam and an Islamic State.  If America pulled this off, well, it might mean great things to undermining the campaign of Usama bin-Laden.  However, as asset sales of Iraq go directly to enriching American firms, I doubt this.  Not only that, the Bush administration will never spin it this way.

     As a bunch of people have noted, the farm subsidy cuts sound good, and have all the likelihood of occuring as snow in NYC on the 4th of July.

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