Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Screw 'em

     Without asking you, or telling you, slimy, greedy corporations have managed to collect and store every single peice of data they could get their hands on, firms like the SCUMBAGS who rigged the Florida election for Bush in 2000 (ChoicePoint) to market leader Axciom are doing what, in Republican memory circles, you could blast someone with a shotgun for in other times.

     "Why, you, coming up here on my porch, wanting information about me (for free) and selling it?  Why don't I just kill you? Git, ya dang whippersnapper."

     Ah, I can't really claim that all these data thieves (yes, theieves, did they ask? No, they just took) are with one party or not, but I do know that the corporate media and NPR are making sure to put THEIEVES in a fair and balanced light.

     I believe the just thing to do is to force them to empty their databases, and start over, this time with no theft at all.  Actaully, I'm not sure there is any non-spying application of this data.  There is no way to fix it if they are wrong (and they have a vested interest in saying they are right, even when they aren't.)

     Aha!  I figured it out.  I think I know how to nail them, now.  I had momentarily felt a bit powerless before these corporate scumfucks.

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