Wednesday, February 09, 2005

C Rice, Blood Dripping From Mouth, Declares

     "Nato united over Iraq", a friend of mine suggests that they might fall and squish it, if they aren't careful.

     Meanwhile, down the memory hole, we have the opposite story, Divided NATO, from just two months ago, when Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands are upping the NATO contingent from 60 to 300, while France, Germany, Spain, Greece and Belgium all refuse to send troops.

     The newer story explains how that the 300 promised troops in the old story only amount to 100 so far, so actually amounts to an increase in only 40.

     No country is reporting a change in troop deployments, none of France, Germany, Spain, Greece or Belgium have decided to send troops, but C Rice says NATO is united now.

     She's on drugs.  I don't know how else to explain it.

     Still, she is, perhaps, more connected to reality than P Wolfowitz, who declared that the bombing of the UN station in Iraq, fifteen months ago was going to lead to a renewed UN support for US actions in Iraq.

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