Saturday, February 12, 2005

No War In Iran

     Jim Lobe, has this on recent war-mongering developments on Iran.

     A funny story?  When I had my apartment overlooking the Hudson River, New Jersey, and the Statue of Liberty, I couldn't help notice that (post-9/11) there was a Coast Guard (Cutter?) parked near Lady Liberty 24/7.  Around then an Iranian expat terrorist group had a press conference, aired on C-SPAN, claiming that they had "proof" Iran was working on a nuclear weapon, which would be a violation of their NNPT commitments.  At night I would use a single bulb and my hand to send morse code (obviously legible to many Coast Guard members) "No Snaps, Just Maps, No War in Iran."  The facts were the terrorists only produced a map with two red stars on it, no "evidence" whatsoever of an Iranian weapons program.  I suspect the penalty for efforts like theirs, and Chalabi's, should be death.  "Lying In Order To Use America To Overthrow A Foreign Power" ought to be the crime's title, eh?

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