Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Palestine-Israel Cease-Fire Agreed

     Reuters reporter.

     Per usual, if even one of the millions of Palestinians attacks, all further negotiations by Israel will stop

Israel says it is ready to coordinate with Abbas on its plan to withdraw settlers from occupied Gaza and part of the West Bank this year if violence stops and Palestinians rein in militants, as they are meant to under the road map.

     If you'd read the news, you'd have thought that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza was a done deal, and simply required the Knesset's approval.  Oh no, suckers, it's all dependent on all violence ceasing.

     Also from the same article.

Although no formal cease-fire was signed at the summit, it was widely seen as a step back toward negotiations on a U.S.-backed "road map" for a Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel.
But Islamic militants behind suicide bombings, rocket attacks and shootings said they were not bound by Abbas's cease-fire, though they would continue to follow a de facto truce at his behest.

     I can hear the pseudo-left and the neo-cons whooping it up now.  No progress on any sticking points, militants vowing not to abide, Israel's big promise seems to stop assasinating Palestinians, and only one side gets constantly insulted.

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