Wednesday, February 09, 2005

US/UK/Aus/Can Press Lies To Americans (More Proof)

     What actually happened with C Rice and european leaders for the last few days?  Does this even amount to a story?  That didn't stop the torrent of ink spilled.

     Was she there to make amends?  Not one story mentions any conciliatory gestures made on the part of the US, the strident demands, instead, were always for the EU to cave before the awe-inspiring freedom spreader of Bu$hCo.

     First, the foreign press...

  • Der Speigel French Size Up Rice "Condoleezza Rice is wrong if she thinks one pretty Parisian performance will make up for two years of strain and outright antagonism with Europe."

     Now the shameless anglophone press wraps it up completely different, here they are in recap.

  • NY Post (Murdoch) Condi Storms the Bastille
  • Washington Times (Moonie) Rice asks Europe to help spread freedom : Over 60% direct Rice quotes
  • Reuters Rice Boosts U.S.-French Ties But Problems Remain Starts with "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice struck all the right diplomatic notes in a visit to Paris which French commentators hailed as a 'faultless recital'."  Generally rah-rahing, notes that three French at Gitmo might be released.
  • Washington Times (Editorial) : Rice Dazzles Europe "Miss Rice blew away the grumpy old men of Europe..."
  • ABC News (AP) Rice Gives Europe a New, Stylish, Intellectual Image of United States : Entirely laudatory, very fashion-minded.  Contradicts NY Post by saying she was wearing very, very expensive brooch, which claimed she was dressed low-key.
  • The Australian French kisses as 'Condi' heals rift : 100% upbeat, includes a godawful C Rice quote "Imagine where we would be today if the brave founders of French liberty or of American liberty had been content with the world as it was[.]".  She's a fucktard.  From article "She was, in turn, warmly received by her hosts, who were keen to downplay bitter disputes over the 2003 US-led Iraq invasion."
  • Sydney Morning Herald : Rice's trans-Atlantic charm offensive hits the spot 100% optimistic, mentions US demands.
  • The Age US calls on Europe to foster Arab stability : Upbeat
  • Toronoto Star : U.S. `stands ready to work with Europe,' Rice says Tiny bit of sobering background, mostly upbeat.
  • Guardian, UK Rice woos Paris with call to build bridges Almost entirely uncritical, one student quoted at end being unsure.
  • Houston Chronicle Rice warns Iran about nuclear weapons : 1st half on Iran angle, second on NATO/EU relations.  The Chronicle also ran the AP "style" peice linked to at ABC above.  Drivel.
  • Detroit Free Press Rice Makes Nice With Europe : Ends with lots of Rice quotes, almost fair.
  • Springfield, MO, News-Leader (Knight-Ridder)Rice calls for allies to move past differences Final sentence in short article is critical.
  • Wired China, Iran Splits to Test Rice and New US-EU Mood Upbeat
  • LA Times Rice Tries to Bridge Gap With Europe Happy.
  • Globe and Mail Rice strikes conciliatory tone in Paris but, in fact, the article notes no conciliatory gestures.  Instead we find "Rice urged France yesterday to get over a nasty rift about President George W. Bush's war on Iraq and make common cause 'because the fair wind of freedom is at our back.'"
  • NPR From before speech.  Pretty good for US coverage, still, but says C Rice will "talk straight" and be "intellectual."
  • Jerusalem Post (AP) Rice warns Iran of looming UN action Focusses on Iran angle, but entirely pro-US
  • Indianapolis Star (AP) Rice urges U.S.-European cooperation Is this getting repetitive for you, too?
  • Kanas City Star (Knight-Ridder) In Europe, Rice tries to turn page Ends with "tone of meeting respectful and non-confrontational
  • London Free Press? Rice takes unity talk to Paris Godawful.
  • SF Gate Rice moves to bridge U.S.-Europe divide Pathetic
  • Boston Herald Rice calls for US, Europe to move beyond differences Pathetic, again "On her tour across Europe, Rice has generally met a warm reception, including in Germany."
  • Seattle Times Rice urges unity in Europe Almost a bit critical, includes "'It was strange because the basic line, apart from freedom and liberty, was let's let bygones be bygones,' said Francois Heisbourg, a military and defense expert who had been invited to meet Rice at a small gathering this morning."

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