Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Feeding the Rumor Mill

     I haven't said much about Guckert/Gannon here.  Was talking with someone last night about it, and I think I have (yet another) guess.

  • Either
    1. Guckert didn't have the regular security check, or
    2. The background check system sucks.
For the sake of the rest of this post, I am going with 1.
  • To get past the security check either
    1. He was part of a White House orchestrated plot (i.e. "Let's get someone in there and lob softballs at McClellan when we need it"), or
    2. He was having sex with someone important, who made the problems go away
I think I have a proof it is 2.  In times past, when the White House/the Republican Party, have wanted someone to do stuff for them, they usually go with lawyers.
  • Donald Segretti, lawyer, shady trickster during Watergate
  • Ann Coulter, lawyer, hatchet-lady pundit.
  • John O'Neill, lawyer (and Nixon supporter), hatchet-author of anti-Kerry "Unfit for Command"
  • Buckhead, lawyer, Freeper who made a whole bunch of false allegations about Killian Memos (re: typography).
I argue that lawyers are selected precisely because they know the law so well.  O'Neill and Coulter would _have_ to be very familiar with libel and slander laws to do what they do, wouldn't they?  Therefore, if Rove had tried to hire someone to sit in on White House Press Conferences, he would have hired some partisan, down on their luck lawyer, not some gay prostitute.

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