Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Media Wants War in Iran/Syria

     Lots of news stories about an explosion "near" a nuclear plant today.  In fact, the explosion was 110 miles from the (non-operational) nuclear plant.

     The media is reporting that Bush has withdrawn the Envoy from Syria.  The article I'm reading, from the SF Gate, ignores any help Syria has been in capturing al-Qaeda and related groups.  It's a "hit" peice, in the sense that it seems to encourage war.  No sense linking to it.  Also reported are large protests over the death of Hariri.  Based on (secret evidence? sheer belligerence? no one seems to know) the US is blaming Syria for the death of a popular Prime Minister, Hariri, who resigned in protest after Lahoud got a second term by having the Parliament change the Constitution, ostensibly at Syria's discretion.

     Too bad stupid RW Reagan backed the wrong forces in Lebanon back in the 1980s.  There would likely be a stable, pro-US government in Beirut today.

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