Saturday, February 12, 2005

New Drums Sound On Iran

     The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is going to have a National Intelligence Estimate produced, and do a general review on Iran.  I'll link to it when its produced.

     Will it be the same sort of cherry-picked document that was released concerning Iraq?  Will they step up to the plate and admit they know nothing concrete?  Since the Committee is controlled by a pretty consistent Bush Republican, P Roberts of Kansas, we can guess that whatever is produced will be couched in the most inflammatory language.  In any event, the right wing press will jump all over select quotes to prove to the American people that Iran is "evil."  Bush is, in fact, evil, and the Iranian leadership are no saints.

     Who is Mark Palmer?

Mark Palmer, a former U.S. State Department official active in promoting democracy across Eastern Europe and the Middle East, says the fact Mr. Bush devoted part of the State of the Union address and almost his entire inaugural address to the importance of democracy indicates the value it has for the president. It also explains why Iran is a frequent topic of the Bush administration.
"He has made this the number one priority in the second administration: to help people who are willing to stand up for their freedom," said Mr. Palmer.
Ambassador Palmer, pointing to the success of recent elections in Afghanistan, the Palestinian territories and Iraq, says the Bush Administration wants free and fair elections in Iran.

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