Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Channeling the NeoCon Mind

     Today, in the Middle East, SecState C Rice declared, as quoted in Zaman, "[The Iranians] behavior towards their own people indicate that they could not adapt to reform steps in the Middle East."  C Rice then grabbed her ankles to indicate how Middle Easterners should accept the "Bomb-Them-Into-Democracy" doctrine of BushCo.

     I don't know what sort of mindset this is, but Tunisian Foreign Minister Abdelbaki Hermassi, as quoted in the Turkish Press, said "We think that the integrity and the sovereignty of Iraq should be absolutely protected[.]"  I guess the border negotiations of the early 20th century racist Colonialists are good enough for us!

     See my solution to terrorism to explain the flaw in this reasoning.  Tunisia must be "acting the good puppet" and Turkey is simply afraid of their long-oppressed Kurds.  Recall that, during the 1990s, the biggest arms purchaser in the world was Turkey, and the target of all those weapons of destruction were the Kurds.

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