Monday, February 07, 2005

Uniting All Humanity

     I can't think of a better way than to collectively agree that religion was a mistake.  We can debate, and argue, about what religion really used to mean, but the important thing is that we are all willing to laugh at each other's former beliefs, and our own, and get back to the business of inhabiting the planet in a civilized manner.

     Perhaps I impose upon my readers by saying what I think religion was.  It was politics.  Before there was any, well-known philosophy of law, or known notion of the common weal, or society-at-large, there were still people who wanted things to work.  They wanted it so badly, they wanted everyone to obey the same set of rules, and to have these rules last forever.  Operating without a license, without writing, without a formal system, they wished and wished and wished, they thought and thought and thought.  Some of these people believed the inspiration came from themselves, some believed it came from outside, some believed one and acted like the other.  For a variety of reasons, but largely because its generally not the colossal boneheads who think of such things, they made their mark.  There is no god, there is no enlightenment, there is no spirit world, there is no afterlife.  We are all here, together, on Earth, and that only for a little while.  So, take care, enjoy yourself, and make sure to contribute to the greater good.

     Even if I managed to write that down perfectly, fully intelligible and instantly understood to all, there is room for argument.  Why did I say take care in front of the other two?  Are they equally important?  Of ranked importance?  Do we want a steady state society?  If we don't, we need a flexible system, and the powerful will always tend to flex the system for their own good, if not immediately, than eventually, usually right after we think everything is alright.

     I'm listening to the Cryosleep channel.

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