Monday, February 25, 2008

A Bit of Hypocrisy from Ralph Nader

Are polls a valid way for politicians to make decisions?  That's a debate for another time.  But if you do cite a poll, you shouldn't ignore similar polls, but that's what Ralph Nader wants us to do.

On Meet the Press, Ralh Nader (transcript) announced he's running yet again for President. One argument he used, to provide "context" was "80 percent [of the electorate] would consider voting for a independent this year."  But what percentage would vote for Ralph Nader?  Nader is polling around four percent against Hillary and Rudy (a few months old). Do you think he'd do better against Obama and McCain?

Trying to run third party with our electoral system proves Ralph Nader is just stupid. Decades ago he was great. He has never won a state, and for some unknown reason thinks he is too good for the US Senate.

Obama said it well when he said that eight years ago Nader said there was no difference between Bush and Gore.  Further proof that Nader is stupid.
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