Thursday, February 21, 2008

Riots in Belgrade

The Serbian government organized the protests (according to Russia Today), and it might have been a bit careless, considering how easy it would be for anyone to agitate from their to the type of violence we've seen.

I'm enjoying watching Russia Today, a 24 hour English language news station from the Russian perspective.  They don't spend nearly so much time interviewing people like Richard Holbrooke or Wesley Clark, Clinton era US government officials who were involved in the 1999 bombing of Serbia (and who have nothing to add about the current state of affairs).

And I'm very unhappy with the footage. It needs to have a timestamp, since that would help the interested citizen gauge whether things were getting better or worse.  The RT journalist in the area is saying things are calming down, and also saying that English speaking journalists are definitely being targetted.

UPDATE: Dan Selwer, former US Ambassador to Bosnia, repeatedly associates the current Serb government with that of Milosevic, although he does once mention that the current Serb government isn't using violence.  That's a big fucking difference, if you ask me.
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