Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cheney Flubs Waterboarding Defense

His prepared notes said he was "damned. Right, and I'd do it again."
It came out, possibly as a result of too much time spent with Bush, that he was "damn right, and I'd do it again.

For clarification, we go to Cheney Special Reporter Dick Flick, Dick?

Dick Flick: That's right, Josh. For years now, President Cheney ...
Josh: Did you say "President" Cheney?
Dick Flick: That's right, Josh, he hates it when I say that. Anyway, for years now, Dick Cheney has known he was damned to an eternity of holy hellfire, and no amount of faith or prayer could save him. With this in mind, torture isn't something that concerned him, as he meant to say, he's "damned." Damned for all he time, surely.
Josh: Thanks Dick, thank you very much.
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