Monday, February 11, 2008

Reality v. Ted Olson, the Obliteration

Ted Olson wrote a piece today and the newly Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal published it with the headline "Clinton v. Obama, the Lawsuit."  The article is a masturbatory fantasy which pre-hoc justifies the world's shittiest USSC opinion, Bush v. Gore by hypothesizing:
a) Clinton will use the courts to get the Florida and Michigan delegates seated.
b) The courts will likely overrule the decisions of the private entity, the Democratic Party.
c) The Florida legislature will get involved (with what standing? Bah!)
d) Democratic lawyers will have as little self respect as the Bush team (note: David Boies, who won Bush v. Gore, is a Democrat) and bloody f*cking cite Bush v. Gore in order to win the case.

The decision will be made by a committee of the 400+ members of the Democratic National Committee. Howard Dean is the Chair of that body as a whole, but has no say over the rulings of the Committee.

Clinton might file a lawsuit, although it is hard to imagine, but it wouldn't be against Obama. What does Obama have to do with any of this?  It's a lame attempt to sully the WSJ with untethered (to reality) mudslinging. Well, fair is fair, lapdog sociopath Ted Olson!.
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