Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ralph Peters, Colonel, early Iraq War Booster

And yet, I want to talk to this guy. There are a lot of problems here, Nagorno-Karabakh, excessive splitting of Saudi Arabia (why are the holy sites separate?), I'm not clear why Afghanistan, which is a big hodge podge, "gets" Pashtun Pakistan rather than having it be independent. I do like "Free" Kurdistan and Balochistan. Anyway, that picture of Iraq sure is interesting. Baghdad as an independent city? Yikes, that has lots of opportunities for badness (no access to rest of world).  I also don't see the need to separate Sunni and Shia Iraq for long term stability.  Why would Kuwait stay separate?  The only reason it exists like that is the British captured just that much of the region, for a while.  Last I looked, the Kurds really shouldn't get everything up to Georgia, but I could be wrong.

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