Monday, February 18, 2008

Gawker Finds Hot Political Story, which delves into political posts every day in and amongst their standard fare, put me onto this, has been removed from US DNS servers because of a court decision by a US judge. Sure, that could happen, but listen to some of the details:
The [DNS removal] order was written by Cayman Island's Bank Julius Baer lawyers and was accepted by judge White without amendment, or representations by Wikileaks or amicus. The case is over several Wikileaks articles, public commentary and documents dating prior to 2003.
The order also enjoins every person who has heard about the order from from even linking to the documents.
In order to deal with Chinese censorship, Wikileaks has many backup sites such as (Belgium) and (Germany) which remain active.
Wikileaks has six pro-bono attorney's in S.F on roster to deal with a legal assault, however Wikileaks was given only hours notice "by email" prior to the hearing. Wikileaks was NOT represented. Wikileaks pre-litigation California council Julie Turner attended the start of hearing in a personal capacity but was then asked to leave the court room.
Thanks, Gawker.
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